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hms_lamaupin's Journal

Misadventures of the crew of the HMS La Maupin
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The journal of the costuming steampunk crew of the HMS La Maupin
We are a group of friends, (2 experienced costumers, 2 n00bs) who fell off a cliff headlong into the steampunk movement. We enjoy fine drink, fine song, fine people and truly enjoy being as fabulous and fancy as possible.

Our crew:

Captain: capt_morgyn The undisputed leader of the crew, can drink you under the table and a slight klepto. But what do you expect from an airship pirate captain?

First Lieutenant: lt_britva The only one who thinks she's sane. She thinks. Cares about such things as rank and manners, is the primary chronicler of our misadventures. Also able to get us out of tight spots with bribes.

Navigator and Helmsman: sidneyeileen If she doesn't know where we're going, she's pretty sure she knows where we've been. And that we'll have a damn good time getting there. Getting lost is half the fun of getting to new places.

Mad Scientist and Armourer: wiredclover Scary with a blade, worse with a blindfold. Has recently completed a tour of the Orient and is eager to explore new horizons.
abney park, bubble guns, buckling of the swashes, cats, chasing the green faerie, compass rose, costuming, debauchery, diana, did we mention steampunk?, doctor steel, drinking games, fencing, fine handwriting, fine kissers, flying squid, limericks, loaded to the gunwhales, losing drinking games, manners and lack thereof, modding, no waisters, old maps, overly suggestive love letters, pocketwatches, pub songs, ravishing of nuns, ray guns, sewing, steampunk, sweet transvestites, tea, venture brothers, winning barfights, winning drinking games