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March 2009

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lt_britva in hms_lamaupin

Sunday's Excursion

As has been mentioned the Crew of the La Maupin is attending dance lessons every Sunday afternoon, as a prop for our class we were in need of hip scarves.  Now why would one need to wear a scarf around one's hips you may ask well I will assure you it is not to keep them warm.  These are specially decorated scarves that have coins or bells which give some slight weight to the scarf and make a distinct noise when a dancer moves correctly.  As we are not at all sure if our hips are moving correctly we all decided to take our instructor's advice and acquire hip scarves.  Sidney and I, while on a thrifting run found a store that was closing out all of the belly dance costumes and accoutrement in stock so a scarf and top combo that usually sold for $80 was going for $30.  This we could not pass up, so Sid got one and we called the Captain and Dr. Clover.  Our luck we heard back from neither in time to purchase dance raiments for either... But we did end up with Mehindi designs on our hands from a very sweet Indian fortune teller.  Hope fully the charms and wards she wove into the Mehindi will aid us in our never ending quest for treasure...

In any case this meant that on Sunday when we could be accompanied by the rest of the Crew we would return to the shop.  Sunday morning rolled around and Captain Morgyn, Sidney, and I attempted to contact Dr. Clover this failed horribly as she had been out very late in a city somewhat distant and had chosen to turn off her communication device (I don't blame her).  Unable to reach the good doctor and assured by a previous message of "BLUE!" in response to what colour she preferred should we purchase an out fit for her we advanced to Sacramento with the intent to have breakfast and purchase two dancing girl outfits.

We reached the local in no time having forgotten to stop at a known diner, so there we were three airship pirates who were so hungry as to be getting not only cranky, but snappy.  Knowing the shop would not open for another thirty minutes,  the Captain assessed our moods and decided that we would find a place to eat near the shop we planned to descend upon.  We found a promising place called The Roxy.  From the curb it seemed cute, one of those chic bistro type places you expect to see in San Francisco, not Sacramento.  Entering we were assured that yes it was one of those chic bistro places but even more trendy...  Giant crystal chandeliers with (get this) Cowboy paintings all over the place the wait staff was even done up in Western tops and brown Wranglers. 

Unfortunately the Crew of the La Maupin was not the target demographic for the place.  The little restaurant was crowded, full of very well dressed young men, and little old ladies.  Neither of which are the Crew.  The hostess proceeded to ignore us, in fact as Morgyn stepped forward to get on the wait list the hostess greeted a man who just walked in the door (we had been waiting a couple minutes already).  We were told we would have about a ten to fifteen minute wait.  "No problem," we thought fifteen minutes then yummy Sunday Brunch.  We knew that soon the bitchyness would be abated with full tummies we would be chipper and kind.  We were wrong...  So wrong.

The Roxy is one of those restaurants.  The type that obviously favors their regular customers.  We were bumped twice on the wait list for regulars who walked in the door, received hugs from the hostess and were assured "Of course we can get you a table," and by the gods they were in no time at all.  We then looked at each other and promptly left.  Our Captain had the politeness to let the hostess know we were leaving and she had the audacity to tell us to try the place again some other time.  Fat chance there, as having come from a career in the hospitality industry I was appalled.  For all that hostess knew we were from Zagat or the Sacramento Bee and were critics...  Too bad we weren't I would love to have publicly condemned the service we did not receive and the obvious disregard for new customers,

On the bright side the dance wear was purchased, and we ate nearly an hour later at our favorite diner!