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Mar. 19th, 2009


Outings with the Crew

It has been a busy couple of weeks for our little crew.

Friday past we enjoyed the tunes and ambiance of Clockwork in San Francisco!  Cpt. Morgyn, Navigator Sidney, and myself headed to the club and had a nice dinner in the neighborhood.  Dr. Clover was in her lab working on her Lolita Steampunk clothes to make sure they were ready by the 18th to wear for the Abney Park concert at Slims in SF.  So the three of us headed in to experience Clockwork, our first time at the club.  The first DJ was great!  Wonderful Steamy tunes prime for dancing!  We enjoyed the atmosphere and good company.  I hate to say it but as the Navigator and I came to Steam by way of Punk we were a little disappointed in the second two DJs who obviously never left the goth scene, ok music but not much to catch a groove to unless you like interpretive dance... never the less we had a great time and look forward to going next month when Clockwork happens again on April 10.  Everyone in the area should go it is a great spot to meet and greet other Steamy folks and to hear some fun music.  I do recommend getting there early though that is when the best music is played!

The second Crew outing was a trip to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  The third Wednesday of every month is free entry at the museum.  Do arrive early as parking fills up and so does the museum.  We barely made it in before they stopped admitting patrons.  I have to say I was very nostalgic for the old museum which was shut down in 2003.  The original building was neoclassical and had beautiful bronze work and hand painted tiles some of which they salvaged.  Many of my favorite exhibits are now gone, no more anthropology, no more geology and minerals, hardly any fossils, and hardly any paleontology, no more rotating entomology exhibit even though the Academy of Sciences has one of the largest entomology collections in the world (or at least they used to).  We did have a nice time in spite of how much more commercial the museum has become.  The Philippine coral reef is dead on according to our Capt'n who is quite an accomplished diver.  The Amazon Jungle biosphere is neat looking as well though we did not make it in as the line was over an hour long for entry.  The new planetarium is very much like an Imax theatre, and the two acre "Living Roof" planted with local flora was very cool. 

From the Museum we returned to the Cpt's East Bay digs to meet up with Dr. Clover and prepare for the Abney Park show.  I'd bet the La Maupin's props that this was one of their best shows we have attended yet!  The band was really into it and played to an enthusiastic crowd.  It was great to see Kristina out in front with her new keyboard harness!  What a great idea!  We also acquired the youngest bubble girl yet, Daniel's daughter who thoroughly enjoyed showering her dad with bubbles!  We left a bubble gun in her capable little hands to ensure the Crew of the Ophelia stays soapy! (God knows we pirates need baths!)  The crowd attending was fun and friendly we met up with some familiar faces and met some new friends.  The night was great!  I can't wait for the next Bay Area Abney Park show when ever it is...

Mar. 14th, 2009

rose tainted


Gothic Lolita

I've been wanting to make a Steampunk Gothic Lolita outfit for quite some time and now I'm just getting started. I hope to have something alright looking for the Abney Park event on Wednesday!

Skirt!Collapse )

Feb. 23rd, 2009


Sunday's Excursion

As has been mentioned the Crew of the La Maupin is attending dance lessons every Sunday afternoon, as a prop for our class we were in need of hip scarves.  Now why would one need to wear a scarf around one's hips you may ask well I will assure you it is not to keep them warm.  These are specially decorated scarves that have coins or bells which give some slight weight to the scarf and make a distinct noise when a dancer moves correctly.  As we are not at all sure if our hips are moving correctly we all decided to take our instructor's advice and acquire hip scarves.  Sidney and I, while on a thrifting run found a store that was closing out all of the belly dance costumes and accoutrement in stock so a scarf and top combo that usually sold for $80 was going for $30.  This we could not pass up, so Sid got one and we called the Captain and Dr. Clover.  Our luck we heard back from neither in time to purchase dance raiments for either... But we did end up with Mehindi designs on our hands from a very sweet Indian fortune teller.  Hope fully the charms and wards she wove into the Mehindi will aid us in our never ending quest for treasure...

In any case this meant that on Sunday when we could be accompanied by the rest of the Crew we would return to the shop.  Sunday morning rolled around and Captain Morgyn, Sidney, and I attempted to contact Dr. Clover this failed horribly as she had been out very late in a city somewhat distant and had chosen to turn off her communication device (I don't blame her).  Unable to reach the good doctor and assured by a previous message of "BLUE!" in response to what colour she preferred should we purchase an out fit for her we advanced to Sacramento with the intent to have breakfast and purchase two dancing girl outfits.

We reached the local in no time having forgotten to stop at a known diner, so there we were three airship pirates who were so hungry as to be getting not only cranky, but snappy.  Knowing the shop would not open for another thirty minutes,  the Captain assessed our moods and decided that we would find a place to eat near the shop we planned to descend upon.  We found a promising place called The Roxy.  From the curb it seemed cute, one of those chic bistro type places you expect to see in San Francisco, not Sacramento.  Entering we were assured that yes it was one of those chic bistro places but even more trendy...  Giant crystal chandeliers with (get this) Cowboy paintings all over the place the wait staff was even done up in Western tops and brown Wranglers. 

Unfortunately the Crew of the La Maupin was not the target demographic for the place.  The little restaurant was crowded, full of very well dressed young men, and little old ladies.  Neither of which are the Crew.  The hostess proceeded to ignore us, in fact as Morgyn stepped forward to get on the wait list the hostess greeted a man who just walked in the door (we had been waiting a couple minutes already).  We were told we would have about a ten to fifteen minute wait.  "No problem," we thought fifteen minutes then yummy Sunday Brunch.  We knew that soon the bitchyness would be abated with full tummies we would be chipper and kind.  We were wrong...  So wrong.

The Roxy is one of those restaurants.  The type that obviously favors their regular customers.  We were bumped twice on the wait list for regulars who walked in the door, received hugs from the hostess and were assured "Of course we can get you a table," and by the gods they were in no time at all.  We then looked at each other and promptly left.  Our Captain had the politeness to let the hostess know we were leaving and she had the audacity to tell us to try the place again some other time.  Fat chance there, as having come from a career in the hospitality industry I was appalled.  For all that hostess knew we were from Zagat or the Sacramento Bee and were critics...  Too bad we weren't I would love to have publicly condemned the service we did not receive and the obvious disregard for new customers,

On the bright side the dance wear was purchased, and we ate nearly an hour later at our favorite diner!

Feb. 18th, 2009


Latest La Maupin goings on

The  past week or so has been an odd one for the crew.

On Sunday we began Belly Dance lessons.  It seems a bit odd an entire Airship crew taking belly dance lessons.  But hey!  It is a  way to entice other ships in right... Four women dancing on the deck?  If nothing else it will be great for dance clubs while on leave!

It was too bad the Captain missed the first class.  It couldn't be helped, she was on a personal mission some where in the East Bay.  A mission that greatly cheered her spirits I hear...

The past few evenings have been spent in our Ship Scientist's private Laboratory.  She has had Sid the Navigator playing a video game.  As I said in my personal log I am sure it must be some sort of experiment... So far I have held out and have successfully resisted the urge to play the game.  One never knows what a mad scientist may be up to when she offers hours of entertainment in front of some complex electronic device.  I worry for our navigator, but I know that Dr. Clover understands the importance of a fully functional Navigator to our ship... So, perhaps this game will help???

Feb. 15th, 2009


Rain and Dissapointments

By all means do not get me wrong the crew is delighted that our state is finally getting some of the precipitation it needs for the coming months.  Personally I have always enjoyed rainy days.  The problem is the effect the weather had upon our dear navigator's first official art show.  She has a selection of her drawings hanging in a cafe the opening of which was during  the "Second Saturday Art Walk" in Sacramento.  The weather unfortunately killed the attendance, only a handful of people came mostly the La Maupin's crew and a few close friends.  Only two strangers came to see the art.  Of course it was pouring rain, windy, and cold a night few if any would want to stroll the streets of our not-so-fair Capital.  None the less,  the result was one horribly bummed Sidney.

On the other hand, in spite of the looming storm our Captain who has taken up residence near The Bay to better take advantage of enterprising opportunities had returned for the showing.  She made a mad dash solo trip to obtain a rare ointment which I hope was worth the loot she spent. 
(Cpt. I salute your efforts!)


Jan. 27th, 2009


Edwardian Ball San Francisco

What an excursion!  Friday was massive amounts of fun.  The Crew of the La Maupin rented an unnamed dingy as our Captain feared for her personal dingy Neon Horizon.  In this small procured vehicle we set sail from Davis, CA to San Francisco some 3 hours later than planned, this worked out fine as we found a nice Moroccan Restaurant in Sidney and my old neighborhood where the ball was being held.  (We lived in the Tenderloin of San Fran for nearly 3 years.)  We had fun dancing to Abney Park and seeing the Edwardian Ball's fun side shows.  We then returned to the La Maupin to sleep and returned for an all day excursion in the City before the Ball on Saturday.  We hit Japan Town and its mall unfortunately the fountain at Peace Plaza was dry.  We had a late lunch/early dinner at a ramen joint then we walked up Filmore to a tidy little piano lounge.  We proceeded to take over the place with our fabulous Steampunk attire and impromptu photo-shoot, all of which is locked in our science officer's wondrous camera which refuses to "talk" to Sidney's computer...  Several drinks and pieces of cheesecake later we made our way back to the Ball for Saturday night's activities.  We were very enchanted by the dancing (a ball room group and attendees) before the first act.  I was consigned to the balcony seating as I was suffering from an old injury and needed to nurse an ankle I over worked dancing to Abney Park on Friday.  The first act JIll Tracy was delightful and as a wonderful surprise she had a band full of surprise artists including Nathaniel of Abney Park.  They palyed an enchanting set which the entire Crew enjoyed (Morgyn and Sid getting to dance)!
The Hall filled up so much there was no room to dance just around this time as well, in fact it was so crowded as to feel a bit dangerous, the later sideshow acts (I'm still not sure what that stage show had to do with Ed Gorey) sent us home early. Though Vermilion Lies were a fun and entertaining duo.  I wish their set had been on Saturday rather than Sunday seeing as the La Maupin only had Friday and Saturday tickets (we should have pilfered tickets for Sunday). 

Jan. 22nd, 2009


Ship Excursions

While we anticipate our shoreleave in San Francisco this coming weekend I look back over our misgiuded tour of Sacramento on Saturday-last.  When Captain Morgan looked at me and said "We've got to get out of here or we will eat each other's souls!"  I realized she was right (the crew of the Lamaupin was having a particularly bitchy and PMS filled night).  I suggested some light hearted rollerskating at a not-so-local rink, so off we set in the Captain's dingy following our Navagator Sidney's faithful words of "I know EXACTLY where that is."  Nearly two hours later and missing our Scientist (off on some private experiment no doubt) we were hopelessly lost near a *choke-gasp* mall...

Unable to force ourselves to ask directions we took shelter in an all-you-can-eat Chineese Buffet.  The Captain in spite of her petite frame proceeded to encounter and dispose of aproxamately two pounds of crab... then stated,"I have a food baby."  Not to be out done Sidney ate a not-so-light sampling form everything else on the seven-table buffett and had to unbutton her pants upon leaving the restaurant.  I picked the wrong crew to diet around...

While we returned with out incident (excepting the gas of three overfull pirates), we never found the rink...

Jan. 19th, 2009




In the hopes of creating a central location where anyone can post and find information on steampunk-related events, art, music, literature, and crafts, I have created http://steampunkevents.com . It's brand new (so there's nothing there yet), so if you like the idea, please help me get the word out. The more people who contribute to the site, the better it will be.


Jan. 6th, 2009


Calling all crew members

Your captain has been not idle but has secured us a new shipment of effervescent armaments! bwahahaha! Prepare for the Edwardian!

Jan. 2nd, 2009

rose tainted


(no subject)

Community Service: Build Your Own Squid

Watch out for the flying ones. They suck.