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March 2009

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Outings with the Crew

It has been a busy couple of weeks for our little crew.

Friday past we enjoyed the tunes and ambiance of Clockwork in San Francisco!  Cpt. Morgyn, Navigator Sidney, and myself headed to the club and had a nice dinner in the neighborhood.  Dr. Clover was in her lab working on her Lolita Steampunk clothes to make sure they were ready by the 18th to wear for the Abney Park concert at Slims in SF.  So the three of us headed in to experience Clockwork, our first time at the club.  The first DJ was great!  Wonderful Steamy tunes prime for dancing!  We enjoyed the atmosphere and good company.  I hate to say it but as the Navigator and I came to Steam by way of Punk we were a little disappointed in the second two DJs who obviously never left the goth scene, ok music but not much to catch a groove to unless you like interpretive dance... never the less we had a great time and look forward to going next month when Clockwork happens again on April 10.  Everyone in the area should go it is a great spot to meet and greet other Steamy folks and to hear some fun music.  I do recommend getting there early though that is when the best music is played!

The second Crew outing was a trip to the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.  The third Wednesday of every month is free entry at the museum.  Do arrive early as parking fills up and so does the museum.  We barely made it in before they stopped admitting patrons.  I have to say I was very nostalgic for the old museum which was shut down in 2003.  The original building was neoclassical and had beautiful bronze work and hand painted tiles some of which they salvaged.  Many of my favorite exhibits are now gone, no more anthropology, no more geology and minerals, hardly any fossils, and hardly any paleontology, no more rotating entomology exhibit even though the Academy of Sciences has one of the largest entomology collections in the world (or at least they used to).  We did have a nice time in spite of how much more commercial the museum has become.  The Philippine coral reef is dead on according to our Capt'n who is quite an accomplished diver.  The Amazon Jungle biosphere is neat looking as well though we did not make it in as the line was over an hour long for entry.  The new planetarium is very much like an Imax theatre, and the two acre "Living Roof" planted with local flora was very cool. 

From the Museum we returned to the Cpt's East Bay digs to meet up with Dr. Clover and prepare for the Abney Park show.  I'd bet the La Maupin's props that this was one of their best shows we have attended yet!  The band was really into it and played to an enthusiastic crowd.  It was great to see Kristina out in front with her new keyboard harness!  What a great idea!  We also acquired the youngest bubble girl yet, Daniel's daughter who thoroughly enjoyed showering her dad with bubbles!  We left a bubble gun in her capable little hands to ensure the Crew of the Ophelia stays soapy! (God knows we pirates need baths!)  The crowd attending was fun and friendly we met up with some familiar faces and met some new friends.  The night was great!  I can't wait for the next Bay Area Abney Park show when ever it is...