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March 2009

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Edwardian Ball San Francisco

What an excursion!  Friday was massive amounts of fun.  The Crew of the La Maupin rented an unnamed dingy as our Captain feared for her personal dingy Neon Horizon.  In this small procured vehicle we set sail from Davis, CA to San Francisco some 3 hours later than planned, this worked out fine as we found a nice Moroccan Restaurant in Sidney and my old neighborhood where the ball was being held.  (We lived in the Tenderloin of San Fran for nearly 3 years.)  We had fun dancing to Abney Park and seeing the Edwardian Ball's fun side shows.  We then returned to the La Maupin to sleep and returned for an all day excursion in the City before the Ball on Saturday.  We hit Japan Town and its mall unfortunately the fountain at Peace Plaza was dry.  We had a late lunch/early dinner at a ramen joint then we walked up Filmore to a tidy little piano lounge.  We proceeded to take over the place with our fabulous Steampunk attire and impromptu photo-shoot, all of which is locked in our science officer's wondrous camera which refuses to "talk" to Sidney's computer...  Several drinks and pieces of cheesecake later we made our way back to the Ball for Saturday night's activities.  We were very enchanted by the dancing (a ball room group and attendees) before the first act.  I was consigned to the balcony seating as I was suffering from an old injury and needed to nurse an ankle I over worked dancing to Abney Park on Friday.  The first act JIll Tracy was delightful and as a wonderful surprise she had a band full of surprise artists including Nathaniel of Abney Park.  They palyed an enchanting set which the entire Crew enjoyed (Morgyn and Sid getting to dance)!
The Hall filled up so much there was no room to dance just around this time as well, in fact it was so crowded as to feel a bit dangerous, the later sideshow acts (I'm still not sure what that stage show had to do with Ed Gorey) sent us home early. Though Vermilion Lies were a fun and entertaining duo.  I wish their set had been on Saturday rather than Sunday seeing as the La Maupin only had Friday and Saturday tickets (we should have pilfered tickets for Sunday). 


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